Handlebar Care

Handlebar Care

How to look after polished stainless and black powder-coat.

What’s the difference?

It might help to explain what materials we are talking about here. Polished Stainless is just that, superb quality stainless steel polished to shine, stand out and add bling to your ride.

The 304 stainless steel we use is an iron-based metal alloy, with added elements including chromium, nickel, silicon and carbon. These elements are mixed into the base material itself, and are present throughout the entire structure of the Handlebar.

The surface of the stainless steel handlebar is then finely polished to a mirror finish. Because the Stainless properties are evident throughout the entire bar, any damage or scratches can simply be re-polished to expose the fresh new material underneath.

Black Powder coat starts life as raw stainless steel and then it goes through a finishing process in which dry, free-flowing, thermoset powder material is applied to the surface, melted, and hardened into an even coating.

It goes without saying that if you have a special customization in mind you can always paint them at your end to fit whatever look it is you are going for.


Keep ‘em looking good

That’s what this page is all about. Both stainless steel handlebars and black powder-coated handlebars are metal and metal needs to be looked after. One of the best elements of ordering and installing your custom handlebars from BarCraft handlebars is that you are going to want to show them off. Waiting for some great riding weather (or maybe not waiting) means your new custom handlebars are going to get the occasional bump and scratch like any other part of your bike.

Start with the best

Cheap means cheap. If you have just saved 50% on a set of ‘custom’ handlebars that don’t make the grade, you have just lost 100% of your money. We are very proud of the materials we use. Buying the best you can afford is half the battle to keep them looking good.

Fixing Dents and Scratches

BarCraft Custom Stainless Steel Handlebars can be re-polished to a mirror finish in the event of scratching or damaging them.

Since the Stainless steel properties are evident throughout the entire material, it’s even possible to remove deep scratches from your Barcraft Custom Handlebars.

  • Minor scratches and marks can be removed using metal/chrome polish and a buffing wheel.
  • For deep scoring, sand down the scratch or deep score until it is smooth, and re-polish using fine grit sandpaper followed by polishing compound and a buffing wheel.

Examples of what you can do. As mentioned on our Stainless Steel v Chrome page, we ran those pictured here across concrete causing scratches, dull patches and indentation. 

With sandpaper, polishing compound, polishing wheel and some elbow grease this damage can be completely removed and the surface returned to its previous mirror finish.



For a more detailed discussion on stainless steel, it’s properties and its ability to absorb and spread energy in the unfortunate situation of you crashing check out the following page: https://barcrafthandlebars.com.au/blogs/how-tos/stainless-steel-vs-chrome-handlebars

What about black powder coated custom handlebars?

Powder coating generally just needs the occasional wash with mild soapy water to stay looking fresh. During normal use, your handlebars can sometimes be chipped or scratched from road debris and general wear and tear. Very light surface scratching can also be removed on black powder coated handlebars, but the remedy is a little different. Mild scratches can be buffed and waxed. How?

Step 1: Clean the area with warm soapy water.

Step 2: Make sure everything is dry.

Step3: Apply a quality cut & polish compound to the area (like you would use on car paint), and polish using a dry microfibre cloth.

Step 4: Rub it in gently, in a circular motion until the area becomes glossy and shiny.

Step 5: If the marks still remain, and coarser grade cutting compound may be used, and then re-polished using a lighter grade cut & polish.

It should be noted that while light hazy scratches and blemishes can be removed from powder-coat, there is little that can be done for larger stone chips and deep scrapes. The damage may be concealed somewhat by using a black paint repair marker.

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