About Us

At BarCraft, we have a passion for bikes. The fresh air, open country, and miles of good times. But our bikes are not only a means of freedom and fun, they're also an expression of ourselves and our tastes. Adding that trick part, nailing that stance, and building your bike to fit your body.

We create distinctive handlebar designs, re-imagining the classics to create bars that don't compromise on comfort or style. Available in 1", 1-1/4" and 7/8" sizes with multiple colours and wiring options, our handlebars are made to fit the biggest range of bikes on Australian roads.

Offering high-quality handlebars direct to you, we've skipped the middle-man. No wholesalers and no retailers lets us pass on the savings.

Made right here in Australia our bars are built to last you a lifetime. Using only the highest quality, heavy-walled Stainless Steel there will be no more pitting or rusting. Just well-made parts, built to take the miles.