Tutorial Videos - Motorcycle Riding

According to some sources up to 25% of motorcycle accidents are caused by riders running too wide on corners.

 Although this video is aimed at sportbike riders, the concepts and techniques absolutely apply to cruiser motorcycles as well. The extra weight in our big bikes can make it pretty easy to run too wide in a corner. No matter what you ride, it’s definitely worth working on your riding skills to improve safety and get home safe.

Skill Level: 2


How we sit on a motorcycle can have a massive impact on how the ride behaves 

“If you’re having trouble manoeuvring your body weight during cornering, a better-suited set of handlebars might be the missing link to safer and more comfortable riding.”

Skill Level: 3 


Motorcycle Cornering techniques - It’s how you use your eyes 

A good entry-level video. Content is very useful, we see this as more of a prerequisite before getting into the more advanced techniques as shown in our other video picks. 
Skill level: 1

Cornering in 4 main steps 

This video is good for a real-life demonstration of the skills mentioned in our other video picks 1, 2 & 3. (Counter Steering, Body Position, Throttle Control & Trail Braking)
The joys of riding slow - beyond the utility
Video on Country Roads: (handlebars are black 8” x 1” Ape Hangers)
The joys of riding slow - beyond the utility
Video on Urban Roads: (handlebars are 12” x 1” Ape Hangers)