Wiring Extensions Hints and Tips

A few handy tips to take into account when you are installing Wiring Extensions for your ride.

  1. Avoid using spade connectors that can vibrate and work loose later on.

  2. Splice connectors are also susceptible to vibrations.

  3. Similarly don’t use connectors and end joints that would be more suited to wiring in a house. Ie. the classic ‘toothpaste top’ style twist on caps.

  4. Do some research, work with a mate who has done it before and YouTube is also a great source of knowledge and inspiration.

  5. If using heat shrink, only use quality heat shrink that delivers weather tight sealing in the process and adds strength to a mechanical twist.

Practice on spare wire whether you are using heat shrink or solder.

If all of this looks too hard our Wiring Extensions come with everything you need and are a direct plug in solution and you are good to go. You can check out our great range of Wiring Extensions here:

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