All About Brake Lines

Taking a ‘Brake’

It’s more than a play on words. Your safety, the safety of those riding with you and that of others on the road, however, is no joke.

Better braking performance

All of our Brake Lines are Made in Australia by HEL Performance using ultra high quality materials and top of the line processes. Our brake lines are made from hard-drawn stainless steel braided hose. This means better feel and response at the lever, and reduces sponginess in the brakes. They will not flex and expand under pressure like the factory rubber brake lines.

ADR Approved

Our brake lines are fully ADR compliant & tagged with global FMVSS106 & DOT standards. They are approved for Australian road use and will pass roadworthy inspections.

No twisting or kinking

Swivelling banjo fittings allow you to correctly align both ends upon installation. This eliminates any twisting or kinking in the line, and allows it to sit just how you want it to.

Brake Lines for Harley-Davidson

We stock a huge range of brake lines to cover most types of single-disc of Harley-Davidson models. Available to fit ABS and non-ABS bikes, including Softail Dyna, Sportster & Street 500 (XG500) models.

How to measure for brake lines and wiring

Check out this great video

Check out our great range of ABS and Non-ABS Brake lines here.