Handlebar Shapes

Each to their own

Motorbike Handlebars come in all sorts of shapes as reflected in our carefully selected product range. A lot of the time it boils down to personal opinion but there are also some practical reasons to go with one over the other. Things such as resale value and keeping true to the type of ride also come into the decision making process.

Ape Hanger Handlebars

Just as the name itself conjures up thoughts of an awesome ride, hanging with your mates and enjoying life in the outdoors. The Ape Hanger is usually in the domain of Choppers and tends to have an exaggerated height which the rider has to reach out to.  They had a practical use in times past where the rider could pull themselves up off their seat to manage the discomfort of going over pot-holes. Newer suspension has almost eliminated this practical use for them. ‘Apes’ as they are affectionately called take pride of place on many Chopper enthusiasts rides.

Classic Example of Ape Hanger Custom Handlebars

 BarCraft Ape Hangers

Image Source:  www.barcrafthandlebars.com.au 

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Beach Handlebars

These are similar to a ‘Cruiser’ bar and slope back towards the rider. They afford the rider a more relaxed position and are much wider than most handlebars.

BarCraft Beach Bars

Image Source: www.barcrafthandlebars.com.au 

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Western Handlebars

Western Bars have a timeless style, made popular over the years for their comfort, practicality and simple clean looks. With a mid-level rise and plenty of pullback, these bars are great for laid back cruising and traditional styled bobbers. The Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a great example.

BarCraft Bonneville Handlebars

Image Source: www.GearOpen.com  

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Buckhorn Handlebars

Similar to ape-hangers, but shorter and curved. Some folks refer to them as a type of ‘mini ape’ but this is not the case.

The all important hand positioning on Buckhorns is different to mini apes. The bar ends on Buckhorns are angled in and down towards the rider. Whereas on mini apes the hand positioning is further out and more horizontal.

Classic example of Buckhorn custom handlebars

BarCraft Buckhorn Bars

Image Source: www.barcrafthandlebars.com.au 

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Drag Bar Handlebars

These are ‘almost’  straight across which creates a forward-leaning and a more aerodynamic riding position. Our Drag Bars are a clean & practical handlebar that gives a light, nimble feeling to your ride. With an ultra-low rise and slight pullback, these bars are great for an engaged, agile feeling.

Classic example of Drag Bar custom handlebars

BarCraft Drag Bars

Image Source: www.barcrafthandlebars.com.au 

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