Not all of Australia is the same

We all call Australia home but it depends where you live as to how you get to enjoy your ride. For the most part laws, regulations and getting a motorcycle licence are similar but they are NOT the same.

Please note we have provided this information as a brief source only. Laws do and will change. Be sure to keep up to date yourself. Government websites are notorious for changing their page addresses. We do our best to keep them up to date. If you click on a link and it’s not working drop us a line and we’ll get our web developers onto it pronto.


Land of the lockdowns :-)

For a detailed breakdown of what applies to you if you ride in Victoria check out:


Not one of the easiest of all the websites to navigate but everything you need to know is in there:


Information for the Apple Isle can be found here:

New South Wales

Information for Australia’s most populous state is located here: 


Beautiful one day and perfect the next

Check out the Queensland Governments ‘Motorcycle Standards’ here:

South Australia

Great resource for the South Australians can be found here: 

Northern Territory

Western Australia

Information for Western Australia can be found here: