The Ape Hanger Range

It’s Your Choice

As with all of our range of custom handlebars a lot of the process comes down to choice. But before you choose be sure to take the following into account:

  1. What are you wanting to achieve?
  2. Throw some future proofing into the mix. Try to anticipate your posture and comfort needs five years from now.

These two important elements come into play for all the range of custom handlebars we make.

Specifically for Ape Hangers

These custom handlebars help with and support a more upright posture. For guys and gals on a long ride they also lower the stress on wrists, elbows and shoulders. However this only happens when the handlebars have been fitted to your body type.

Not all ‘apes’ are the same

When testing out Ape Hangers on your mate's bike, be aware that they will have been fitted to his/her/their posture and the difference between seats and risers will be different on different rides.

The following is a short list of some of the Ape Hangers on offer from BarCraft Handlebars. For the complete range: Click Here


10" Ape Hangers - 1" Handlebars
10" Ape Hangers Black - 1" Handlebars
10" Ape Hangers - 7/8" Handlebars BarCraft Ape Hangers 7/8" Handlebars BarCraft Bike Handlebars
12" Ape Hangers - 1" Handlebars BarCraft Ape Hangers 12" Handlebars BarCraft Handlebar Size

What else can I do to make sure I get the right handlebars for me?

A good starting point is to try out your mate's bike and see how comfortable their ride and handlebars are in tune with your body type and ride expectations. Don’t forget you can always drop us a line by using our contact form here.