Changing motorcycle handlebars to solve riding pain

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Get Comfortable and lose the pain 

Let’s face it, there is nothing better than enjoying a weekend’s ride to relieve the stress of a crazy week. You look after your family and your machine, but what about YOU? 

  • Do you look after you?
  • Do your handlebars help or hinder wrist pain, shoulder pain or back pain?
  • Does your choice of handlebars affect all three?
  • Your body changes over time, so should your handlebars.

Handlebars and back pain

A few golden rules here:

  • Handlebars need to be at the right height and pullback, with a comfortable wrist position.
  • Make sure the foot pegs, seat and handlebars are all correctly positioned for you.
  • The handlebars are the easiest part to change, and can compensate for non-adjustable parts such as the seat and foot pegs.
  • Take advantage of our wide range of handlebars to find the right fit for you.

In general, extra height and extra pullback will help to solve back pain. Keep in mind that a taller bar such as an ape hanger will also provide extra pullback when installed in line with the forks.

For issues with back pain, we recommend ape hangers, pullbacks or six bends to help you sit up straighter, with a better posture.

It goes without saying to make sure that all other areas of your life support a healthy back.

Back pain can be located in the lumbar (lower), thoracic (middle) or cervical (upper) areas. See a physio or similar for support on how to get that sorted and speak to us about finding the right handlebars to help manage your back pain and to avoid more issues in the future.

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Handlebars and Shoulder Pain 

Similar to back pain, the origin of your shoulder pain can also be related to the wrong handlebars. Custom handlebars are a great tool in the management of shoulder pain for motorbike riders.

Take into account that your posture will change as you get older, so handlebars that worked for you for the past 5 years may not be the best choice for the next 5 years.

If you experience tense shoulders while riding, a handlebar with a more sloped grip may provide the additional comfort you are looking for. A relaxed wrist position will also reduce tension in your shoulders. Westerns, Beach Bars, Buckhorns & Mini Ape Hangers are good options to solve this problem.

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Handlebars and wrist pain

Wrist pain often gets blamed on all those hours you spend on a keyboard or on the other tools you use in your profession or trade.

The wrong handlebars for your Harley Davidson or Cruiser can definitely cause more problems with wrist pain, which can lead to less riding time.

Choosing a handlebar with the right pullback angle is key to solving wrist pain while riding. This varies with different people, and you may find yourself wanting more or less pullback than your current handlebars. We have optimised the shape of each handlebar in our range, and provide many different shapes to give different pullback angles.

For straighter wrists, choose Drag Bars or T Bars. For a medium pullback angle, choose Ape Hangers, and for more pullback go with a Western, Beach Bar or Buckhorn Handlebar. For super levels of pullback, go with our Pullbacks or 6 Bends.

Check out our choice of handlebars made for you

If you need help finding the right handlebars to solve your pain or discomfort issues, get in touch with our expert team to find the right fit for you.