Wiring Extensions, just what are they?

BarCraft Handlebars wire extensions give you the ability to extend the reach of your wiring harness, so that it can connect with the various electrical components on taller handlebars.

Benefits of BarCraft Handlebars Wiring Extensions:


  • Don’t need an engineering degree to install, especially our range of plug and play handlebar wiring extensions.

  • To state the obvious they help with the process of you getting more length from your wiring, so it can reach taller handlebars such as ape hangers.

  • Allows you to fit more comfortable handlebars, reduces slouching and muscle cramping.

  • Helps to protect your hands from fatigue.

  • They can help to reduce vibration and noise while riding.

Features of BarCraft Handlebars Wiring Extensions:

  • Super Easy, Plug & Play Installation.

  • Our range is compatible with a huge range of Harley-Davidson models.

  • High quality, very durable and the connectors are very safe to use with water resistant seals.

  • Our plug and pay options are very easy and convenient to use.

  • The plug and play process means no complicated steps of cutting and soldering wiring harnesses.

 About Plug and Play Wiring Extensions:

  • Plug and play handlebar wire extensions can make it easier to route the wires on your ride. They can also help to protect your wires from the elements.

  • Depending on your bike they may also give you a bit more room to work with when installing new handlebars or accessories.

  • Be sure to test everything before putting your ride back together. You’d be surprised how many guys and girls omit this very important part of the process.

  • Aftermarket parts and accessories often require additional wiring.


Check out our great range of Barcraft Handlebars Wiring Extensions here.