Handlebar Risers, what are they?

Handlebar Risers, what are they?


Risers are the clamps that attach your handlebars to your motorcycle. As the name suggests, they can also ‘raise’ the height of your handlebars. But their benefits don’t stop there. Different risers also allow more choice of diameter handlebars and in many cases also add to the look and feel of your ride.

If you are clocking up a lot of time on your ride, even the smallest of changes such as a slight increase in height, can make a World of difference to your comfort, both in the short and long term.

Benefits of Barcraft handlebar risers:

Riders will buy and install motorcycle handlebar risers for:

  • Upgrading to fat/chubby handlebars
  • Extra clamping grip
  • Better reach
  • More height
  • Personal Preference
  • Heck some folk see them as adding a bit of bling to their ride.
  • And in some cases, simply because they can

 Features of Barcraft handlebars risers:

  • Made in Australia from CNC Billet Aluminum
  • Available to fit Harley-Davidson & Metric bikes including Yamaha, Honda Kawasaki, Suzuki & Triumph
  • Buy with 4 interest-free payments using AfterPay
  • FREE postage Australia-wide
  • Innovative 4-bolt clamp design for Extra Strength and Safety where it's needed most.
  • Extra Bolts means more Clamping Force, giving Better Grip & Strength on the Handlebar Knurls.
Check out our great range of handlebar risers here: https://barcrafthandlebars.com.au/collections/all-handlebar-risers

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